Recent scientific research has shown that many visible benefits can be obtained, at a cosmetic level, from the application of vitamin C. Vita C is an excellent antioxidiser that stimulates circulation, tones the skin and detoxifies. It generates extra cellular substances (collagen) which maintain the skin’s firmness. It is a citrus fruit extract which helps to keep the skin moisturised and firm and gives radiance to the complexion. Combined with collagen, increases the skin’s elasticity and protects from external factors. It is recommended for tired and stressed skin, for oily and asphyctic  skin and for skin prone to wrinkles due to lack of moisturise. Vitamin C can be combined with glycolic acid treatments to renew the skin, slow down effects of ageing, removing dead cells and improving the tone and elasticity of the skin.


Kit Anti-age  Purissima VITA C

Kit Anti-age Purissima VITA C

Siero a base di purissima vitamina C, contenuta nel tappo tranciatore, per preservarne al massimo la funzionalità antiossidante e antimacchia. Indicato per contrastare i primi segni di invecchiamento cutaneo e ridare nuova vita alla pelle del viso.