Elastin is an active ingredient which counteracts the aging process and the formation of wrinkles. With the passing of the years a progressive alteration in the hydrolypid equilibrium occurs, which deprives the skin of elasticity and causes a series of skin problems. The lack of elastins in tissues, causes the thickening of the skin and an increase in dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles. Sebum secretion is reduced as is the rate of cell production; muscular tone tends to lack and the tissues loose vitality. Elastin products are also used to maintain skin young and elastic.

Eye Contour Cream Anti-age ELASTEN

Eye Contour Cream Anti-age ELASTEN

Created to increase the elasticity of the tissues of the periocular area, it is able to prevent and fade signs of expression and fatigue thanks to the presence of a mix of functional substances such as the precious rose oil, sesame oil and proteins of silk.

Toning Phials For  Face And Décolleté ELASTEN

Toning Phials For Face And Décolleté ELASTEN

These phials made with vegetable elasticizing elements such as mosqueta rose oil, silk extract and camelina oil, help to delay skin aging while maintaining the natural elasticity of the face.