Resulting from the most innovative studies, our laboratories have formulated the new set of skin care Vitapelle with serum of snake. The SYN®-AKE active principle is a synthetic tripeptide used at the maximum of its potential. Great for all skin types, it is formulated at a level of concentration suitable for our organism. It proves to be a faithful reproduction of the Waglerin 1 protein, naturally contained in the serum of snake. While the serum paralyzes, this extraordinary active principle reduces the muscular contractions, it hinders and prevents wrinkles from appearing and it gives an immediate restful effect to corrugations, without interfering with natural facial expressions. With a daily use of the whole serum of snake set, you will achieve an instant anti age effect, and after just one month of use it will be possible to see a visible reduction of wrinkles, thus redefying the facial features.