A complete range of hair removal products and waxes. The specific formulas are based on natural substances that enable to intervene effectively and safely on any body part.


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Made with sugars and lemon. Is heated and applied at a very low temperature and can be easily removed with water. Given the ease of application it is suitable for non-professionals. During the summer months it should be kept closed and away from humidity. Take care the areas to be wa-xed are completely dry before application.

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Codice Prodotto WAX0057 500 ml

APPLICATION: slightly heat the depilatory wax in a specific wax heater. Spread a small amount of product in a thin and uniform layer with a spatula, in the direction of hair growth. Eventual residual product can be removed with water.To slow the growth of hair, you may want to use immediately after hair removal treatment the PHYTO PIL lyophilized, as the follicles are more receptive as dila-ted by the heat of the wax. For best results it is recommended to continue treatment with the Phyto-Pil Cream.