A complete range of hair removal products and waxes. The specific formulas are based on natural substances that enable to intervene effectively and safely on any body part.


Project detail

Professional liposoluble wax specific for hair removal of the entire body with chlorophyll and natural resins can also be used on delicate areas and on sensitive skin. Easy to use, allows a sweet tear. Pour into the wax depila-tory wax heater. With a spatula spread a small amount of product in a ho-mogeneous and thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Adhere immedia-tely the fabric strip and tear off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Any remaining product will be removed by PHITOSINTESI after wax oil. To slow the growth of hair use regularly PHITO PIL.

Project infor


WAX0088 Ricarica rullo miele 100 ml
WAX0091 Ricarica rullo rosa 100 ml
WAX0098 Ricarica rullo cioccolato 100 ml
WAX0199 Ricarica rullo clorofilla 100 ml
WAX0197 Ricarica rullo karitè 100 ml

WAX0056 Cera liposolubile miele  450 ml
WAX0096 Cera liposolubile rosa  450 ml
WAX0052 Cera liposolubile zinco 450 ml
WAX0051 Cera liposolubile  clorofilla 450 ml