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soft pack of green, freeze-dried algae and paraffin. Easy to apply, highly effective treatment to reduce cellulite, “orange-peel” skin, and water retention.

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Codice Prodotto PHY0081 285 g / 300 ml - PHY0072 950 g / 1000 ml
Codice Prodotto 2 PHY0114 4750 g / 5000 ml

apply to the areas most affected areas (buttocks, thighs and hips), then wrap with plastic wrap. Cover with the electric blanket and a regular blanket. Turn on the electric blanket and leave for ap-proximately 30-35 minutes. Results are visible after the first treatment, as the skin is firmer and smoother. When the required time has passed, tissue off and gently massage in the Strong Phytocell Cream.