Project detail

It’s a highly specific and targeted-action treatment. Conceived to literally fill the furrows of surface and deep wrinkles. It is a soft formula, pleasant to use, rapidly absorbed, which allows to visibly shade off surface and deep wrinkles. It is provided with microballs containing hialuronic acid suitable for being absorbed by the skin and penetrating into the wrinkes and filling them. The water that spontaneously evaporates from inside our body through skin (TEWL or trans-epidermel-water-loss), by getting in contact with the microballs and penetrating them, is absorbed by the hialuronic acid, whose volume increases, so as to fill the wrinkles for a long time. After few minutes, wrinkles assume a less deep appearance and skin looks smoother and younger.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto VIT4506
Note: 30 ml