The Olive tree, symbol of the Mediterranean area, is an ancient tree that generates a high-quality fruit, the olive. The Olive Oil, also
known as "liquid gold", is extracted from the yellow or green nectar present in olive drupes.
It was considered a tonic ointment, a panacea for body care as early as the Roman times, and perhaps even before.
Olive oil is in fact rich in lipids and antioxidant substances such as alpha-tocopherol, carotenoids and chlorophylls. They are precious for the skin as they protect it against the damaging effects of free radicals as well as being a source of minerals and vitamins.
The biochemical composition of olive oil makes it perfectly suitable to be absorbed through the skin, thus constituting the ideal vehicle for the penetration of active ingredients; it is suitable for all skin types, even for oily skins including young and mature ones. It boasts several precious properties:
MOISTURIZING - EMOLLIENT - ANTI-AGEING - NOURISHING AND SEBUM-RESTORING - PROTECTIVE - SOOTHING - RESTRUCTURING With this premises, Vita Pelle is now offering a new beauty line for the treatment of the face and body based on Olive Oil from Italy.


Project detail

Siero viso EXTRA NUTRIENTE adatto a tutti i tipi di pelle che migliora progressivamente la compattezza e l’idratazione. Formulato con texture a rapido assorbimento, è arricchito con le cellule staminali vegetali che risvegliano le energie assopite delle cellule cutanee, aiuta a migliorare la circolazione periferica e agisce positivamente sull’insieme del metabolismo cutaneo. Complemento ideale della Crema viso olio di oliva, contrasta efficacemente le cause principali dell’invecchiamento precoce, idratando e rassodando l’epidermide.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto VIT4523
Note: 30 ml
Applicazione Vitapelle

Mattina e sera massaggiare, su viso e collo, alcune gocce di prodotto fino a completo assorbimento, insistendo sulle zone del viso particolarmente soggette ad arrossamenti ed irritazioni. Completare con l’applicazione della Crema olio di oliva.