Antioxidant and Protective
Vitapelle has skilfully chosen for its new skin care set the properties of grapes and grape seed oil in synergy with UVIOX®, an innovative active principle inhibiting the degradation of collagen and other proteins such as elastin. It preserves our skin from oxidative stress, which leads to the break of cellular membrane and its degradation. Not only the grape contains a high level of polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties, but it also has an important protective, constrictive and astringent action in blood vessels, that determines a decrease in the permeability of capillaries and an improvement in the microcirculation of veins. Therefore, the skin will gain a smooth and more radiant aspect. The rich active principles of grapes perform an important antioxidant, anti-ageing and firming activity, in fact this precious and unique composition prevents collagen oxidation, fighting the apparition of wrinkles and the new formation of free radicals.


Tonico Uviox® e Uva Rossa

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Codice Prodotto VIT4530
Note: 200 ml
Applicazione Vitapelle

L’innovativo principio attivo, L’ UVIOX®, unito agli estratti di uva rossa, equiseto e hamamelis creano una lozione addolcente che va oltre la semplice pulizia del viso, rivitalizzando l'aspetto della pelle senza seccarla. Appositamente formulata nel rispetto delle pelli più  sensibili dona una profonda idratazione e immediato benessere e comfort per una pelle pulita, fresca e vellutata.
Modo d’uso: Dopo il latte detergente all’UVIOX ® e uva rossa, applicare il prodotto con un dischetto di cotone su viso, collo e decollettè. Proseguire con il siero e successivamente con la crema viso.
The innovative active principle UVIOX®, together with red grape extracts, equisetum (horsetail) and witch hazel create a soothing lotion beyond merely cleansing, which revitalizes the skin aspect without drying it out.
It is specifically formulated even for the most sensitive skin and it is designed to give deep hydration, immediate comfort and reinvigorating effect. The skin results clear, refreshed and smooth.
How to use: Apply the product with a cosmetic pad on face, neck and cleavage skin, after UVIOX® and red grape face cleansing. Continue your beauty routine with the serum and then with the face cream.