Antioxidant and Protective
Vitapelle has skilfully chosen for its new skin care set the properties of grapes and grape seed oil in synergy with UVIOX®, an innovative active principle inhibiting the degradation of collagen and other proteins such as elastin. It preserves our skin from oxidative stress, which leads to the break of cellular membrane and its degradation. Not only the grape contains a high level of polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties, but it also has an important protective, constrictive and astringent action in blood vessels, that determines a decrease in the permeability of capillaries and an improvement in the microcirculation of veins. Therefore, the skin will gain a smooth and more radiant aspect. The rich active principles of grapes perform an important antioxidant, anti-ageing and firming activity, in fact this precious and unique composition prevents collagen oxidation, fighting the apparition of wrinkles and the new formation of free radicals.


Crema viso Uviox® e Uva Rossa

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Codice Prodotto VIT4527
Note: 50 ml
Applicazione Vitapelle

Trattamento indispensabile a base di un innovativo principio attivo, l’ UVIOX® ed estratti d’uva rossa per tutti i tipi di pelle. E’ in grado di proteggere l’epidermide dalle aggressioni degli agenti esterni, quali stress e inquinamento, oltre a svolgere un elevata azione antiossidante. Inibisce inoltre la degradazione del collagene e dell’elastina, il viso appare più fresco e disteso, la pelle più morbida e setosa. Arricchito con filtro solare con funzione protettiva. MODO D’USO: applicare mattina e sera dopo la consueta pulizia con latte e tonico all’UVIOX® e uva rossa. Massaggiare fino a completo assorbimento.

It is an essential treatment, which relies on the innovative active principle UVIOX® and red grape extracts, suitable for all skin types. It protects the epidermis from aggressions by external elements, such as stress and pollution, besides conducting a high antioxidant action. It also inhibits the degradation of collagen and elastin for a refreshed and revitalized complexion, and a soother and silky-smooth skin. It is enriched with sun filters with a protective function.  APPLICATION: apply morning and night after the cleansing routine with UVIOX® and red grape cleansing and face tonic. Massage it gently until completely absorbed.