The glycolic acid is extracted from sugar cane. Its effects help contrasting wrinkles, blemishes deriving from hyperpigmentation, acne, stretch marks and loose skin. It is able to reduce these imperfections by stimulating cell renewing. With a correct use, it exfoliates the more superficial cells, reactivating the synthesis of new elastic fibers and recalling water from the connective tissue under the skin. With the use of glycolic acid, the skin results compact and tonic. During the treatment it is necessary to use a highly protective cream.


Project detail

Emulsione detergente adatta a tutti i tipi di pelle; pulisce delicatamente, preparando la pelle ai successivi trattamenti di esfoliazione. Rende la pelle morbida e liscia, esplicando un’azione detergente fisiologica.

N.B. Il Latte Acido Glicolico 8% non va usato per struccare gli occhi e le labbra.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto VIT4205
Note: 250 ml