Chakra are symbolic energy concentration wheels from the most ancient Indian cure traditions. They represent the 7 main points of the body in which invisible energy flows are concentrated. The Chakra symbolizes the connection between the physical and spiritual spheres and coincide with the body s endocrine system. When the Chakra are in equilibrium and harmony they help a specific part of the body to function better. When they are not in equilibrium or are blocked they can cause numerous mental, emotional or physical problems. Yogin have used the Chakra system of cure through essential oils for thousands of years. They knew that problems are first seen in the Chakra, then in the body or mind. These rarefied energy moderators are traditionally represented by Lotus Flowers, each of which sound on different frequencies, corresponding to the different colors of the rainbow.


Project detail

citron base note - energetic action: yang
PROPERTIES: aphrodisiac, stimulates the circulation, nerve calming. An essence which carries out an antiseptic action, espe-cially on the respiratory and genital-urinary mucous membranes. Cures acne. Works on the 4th Chakra by creating well-being and awakens our perceptions of love and beauty.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto SPAE22 30ml

DOSAGE: 8 drops diluted in 30 ml. of carrier cream or 10 ml. of carrier oil.


NOTA DI BASE - AZIONE ENERGETICA: YANG PROPRIETÀ: afrodisiaco, stimolante della circolazione, sedativo nervoso. È un’essenza che esplica la sua attività antisettica soprattutto sulle mucose respiratorie e genito-urinarie. Cura la pelle in caso di acne. Agisce in modo particolare sul 4° Chakra, in quanto, crea un benessere armonico e risveglia la nostra percezione dell’amore e del bello.