Essential oils, essences or etheric oils, are mixtures of aromatic substances produced by many plants and present in the form of tiny droplets in leaves, fruit peel, resin, branches, and wood. They are soluble in oil and alcohol, but not in water, to which they transmit their aroma. Oils have been used for thousands of years for their antiseptic, anti-toxic, heeling, anti-parasite, anti-neuralgia, toning, antispasmodic, stimulant, and hormonal properties. The oils and the carrier cream support the pure essence with which they form a single substance. The base oils are almond, wheat germ, avocado, and jojoba oils. The carrier cream is made of totally pure, neutral substances, which allows the essences to penetrate rapidly. Application: before coming into contact with the skin, the essences should be diluted with an oil or with the Phyto Sintesi carrier cream. No more than 10 drops per day should be used.
1)    for external use only;
2)    avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes;
3)    do not apply undiluted essential oils directly to skin;
4)    avoid exposure to sun after applying essential oils;
5)    for persons with allergies, it is advisable to apply a drop of essential oil inside the forearm behind the elbow and wait 24 hours;
6)    keep out of reach of children;
7)    the following oils are to be avoided during pregnancy: sage, thyme, juniper, mint, rose, rosemary.


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Also called "Gold of Morocco" is rich in linoleic acid, vitamins E and A, valuable allies against skin aging. It has healing action protects the skin from external aggressions (sun, smog, wind, toxic substances). With emollient, moisturizing and firming properties, stimulates cell renewal, slowing the onset of the traditional signs of aging. Effective in massage for muscle relaxation and for hair nourishment.

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Codice Prodotto SPA9011 125ml

L’Olio di Argan, chiamato anche “oro del Marocco”, è ricco di acido linoleico, vitamine W, B5 e A, preziosi alleati contro l’invecchiamento cutaneo. Inoltre, possiede proprietà cicatrizzanti e protegge la pelle dalle aggressioni esterne (sole, smog, vento, sostanze tossiche) neutralizzando i radicali liberi. Grazie alle sue proprietà emollienti, idratanti e fortemente elasticizzanti, stimola il rinnovo cellulare, rallentando il manifestarsi dei tradizionali segni d’invecchiamento. È utilizzato nel massaggio per il rilassamento muscolare ed è indicato per il nutrimento dei capelli.