Applied to the positive and negative poles intersecting with one another, they increase the ef-fectiveness of the machines, helping the product penetrate deeply, thereby achieving excel-lent results. The gelatinous substances help keep plates in place.


Project detail

Excellent as a massage gel adding essential oils or synergies suitable for each treatment. With the use of elec-trical stimulation and ultrasound machines, applying this gel on the electrodes promotes the absorption of the active principles associated with (essential oils or synergies) chosen according to the type of treatment to be carried out. Is water soluble, non-greasy and does not irritate the skin.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto PHY9013 1000ml

Mixed with appropriate amounts of essential oil or synergy can be used as a regular body gel. As an elettrogel apply a thin layer between the skin and the electrode to ensure better contact of the electrodes.


Ottimo come gel per massaggio a cui aggiungere le dosi desiderate di olii essenziali o sinergie adatti al trattamento. Con l’uso di macchinari per elettrostimolazione ed ultrasuoni questo gel applicato sugli elettrodi favorisce la penetrazione dei principi attivi ad esso associati (olii essenziali o sinergie) scelti in base al tipo di trattamento che si vuole effettuare. É idrosolubile, non unge e non irrita la pelle.