Project detail

The strong Phitocell vials, with a liquid texture, contain a concentration of plant extracts such as Fucus, Horse Chestnut, Capsicum and Eu-calyptus. They fight the imperfections of the most persistent cellulite typical of critical points such as glutes and inner / outer thighs. The skin will look immediately more compact and elastic and the imperfections caused by persistent cellulite will decrease by reducing water retention and fat accumulated in the adipose tissues.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto PHY0003 10ml

1)    Break the vial along the drawn line.
2)    Spread some drops of Strong Phitocell vial on the area more affected by cellulite slight blemishes and make them absorb (the Strong Phi-tocell vials can also be used with ionophoresis using them on the negative pole, a phial for each small sponge cloth).
3)    Proceed by applying Strong Phitocell cream with a professional massage in order to obtain the necessary tissue hyperaemia.The treatment can be integred with seaweed cataplasms, Warm Bandage and paraffin applications.


Le fiale Phytocell forte contengono un siero concentrato innovativo dalla texture liquida che combatte gli inestetismi della cellulite più ostinata tipica dei punti critici come glutei ed interno / esterno coscia. La pelle apparirà subito più compatta ed elastica e gli inestetismi causati dalla cellulite resistente diminuiranno grazie alla riduzione della ritenzione idrica e dei grassi accumulati nei tessuti adiposi.