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Highly effective for eliminating cellulite and fatty deposits. A self heating product made with vegetable extracts. Oak and ivy extracts, combined with capsicum contribute to rejuvenate and firm the skin, Works against the causes of water retention by reducing cellulite.

Project infor

Codice Prodotto PHY0015 500ml

1)    shake well before use;
2)    the correct dose for 2 wraps is 50 cc. of liquid diluted in water, in proportion to skin sensitiveness (50 cc. of Hot-Wrap in 50/100/150 of water);
3)    apply the bandages on the areas to be treated (legs, thighs, bottom, stomach, arms);
4)    wrap the patient in a plastic sheet, cover with a blanket and leave for 30-45 minutes;
5)    as the wrap has a self-heating effect, in the case of edematous cellulite it is advisable to drink water or a draining infusion, before the treatment, in order to favor the drainage of toxins.
N.W. Do not use on the stomach immediately after a meal. After use, make sure that the bottle is properly closed.


È un prodotto autoriscaldante a base di estratti vegetali. La sua particolare composizione è stata studiata per consentire un’efficace eliminazione dell’adiposità e della cellulite. Gli estratti di quercia ed edera, in sinergia con l’infuso di capsicum, esplicano una marcata azione sui tessuti cutanei, che ritrovano la naturale giovinezza e compattezza, agendo sulle cause del ristagno dei liquidi per combattere gli inestetismi della cellulite.