Algae are very rich in oligoelements, vitamins, and enzymes. They provide an effective natural remedy that tones the skin. Algae treatments are recommended for people who suffer from cellulite, demineralization, obesity and premature ageing. With the constant use of algae treatments, in a short time one sees a more proportioned body and more toned and firmer skin.
Fucus vesicolusus
Large Atlantic seaweed containing a high concentration of salts of potassium and iodine capable of facilitating the drainage of water retention. Helps to remodel, slim and reduce cell-adipose subcutaneous tissue. Has moisturizing, emollient, softening and protective properties. Laminaria digitata
Widely used as a food supplement and in cosmetics for its large beta-carotene content (up to 25 times in the same PII carrots), group B vitamins and amino acids is particularly active in the protection of the skin especially from damage from free radicals.
Rich in mineral salts (especially iodine, potassium and magnesium), vitamins and folic acid.


Project detail

This soft astringent mask cleanses, dries, and clears the skin with selected clays and vegetable extracts. It is good for oily skin with dilated pores and for thick hyperkeratosic skin with blackheads and pimples. Dries in a few minutes giving a stretching feeling. Remove with a damp sponge or water.

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Codice Prodotto PHY0084 250 ml

apply to cleansed face and neck and leave for a few minutes. Remove whit water, then apply treat-ment toner and moisturiser. The treatment should be repeated once a week for normal skin and more often for combination and oily skin.