AHA Line Exfoliant Regenerating FOR ALL SKIN TYPES (except sensitive and delicate skins)
The alpha hydroxy acids –  also called AHA, are better known as “fruit acids” as they are contained in many types of fruit. The most known are the
glycolic acid, the lactic acid and the citric acid which have effective and demonstrated renewing cosmetic properties. They stimulate the skin renewal,
allowing a rapid cell turnover. Combined together, AHA products are the most effective tool to:
Slow down the aging process, contrast and soften wrinkles, minimize dry signs - Attenuate skin spots and prevent their formation - Convey more light and freshness to the skin - Reduce black spots and skin impurities formation which are typical in youths, thanks to the peeling effect which enables the regulari-
zation of sebum. Dry skins gain back tone, light and limpidity, as the cellular cohesion will be restored and new epidermal cells will be regenerated.
Oily skins find their equilibrium, the epidermis is refined and pores get minimized. Devitalized skins become brighter, toned and signs are attenuated. The treatment with AHA products, if done multiple times per year, increases usual products effectiveness.
It is ideal when used at the end of summer and winter holidays, since sun exposure favours the accumulation of dead cells and the formation of signs and AHA products are delicately exfoliating and smoothing.


Project detail

This cream counteracts the damage of oxidative stress caused by air pollution and electromagnetic radiation. The interaction of innovative active ingredients such COBIO­DEFENDER EMR which focuses on reducing the damage caused by exposure to electro­magnetic radiation and BOREALINE® PROTECT, a powerful antioxidant, provide a barrier effect against air pollution. The natural ingredients such as shea butter, apricot butter,
pomegranate oil along with Rose Hip and multiple plant extracts including burdock, ginseng, echinacea, protect from excessive production of free radicals and prevent ageing while hydrating throughout the day.
Suitable for all skin types with its light and soft texture. The presence of ingredients of vege­table origin and sunscreen ensure this cream is tolerated even by the most sensitive skins.

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Codice Prodotto VIT0002
Note: 30 ml
Applicazione Vitapelle

Application: apply on skin and neck with circular movements until completely absorbed.